Monday, December 29, 2008

Mitta For Life Cancer Counselling Centre

There is an increasing number of Cancer cases on the rise in Malaysia.
It is estimated that a total of 30,000 new cases are detected annually.

Mitta For Life Centre is established by Venerable E. Indaratana Maha Thera, Chief Monk of Mahindarama Buddhist Temple to provide free counseling service and other related services to Cancer patients and their loved ones in coping with the illness.

The new community service was officially launched on Vesak Day,
May 2005. All services and activities are provided free-of-charge and
are open to all Cancer patients and their loved ones in the Northern Region regardless of race, religion or creed.

Cancer is a personified enemy that ravages from within. Cancer patients go through a lot of suffering. Accepting the diagnosis itself could be very traumatic. Going through the diagnosis itself is very tedious.

Apart from the physical ailments like nausea, lethargy and , depressing issues like loss of physical features, such as the hair, psychosocial problems can occurred at work or in social circles. Cancer patients may possibly experience great swings of emotions from disbelief to hopelessness and from hope for their future to grief, anger and sadness.

Our Centre will allow these emotions to be expressed and by their sharing with our team of volunteers, we will try to help them to deal with the emotional and psychological effects of Cancer. The emotional turbulence and trauma created in the immediate family is very difficult to be handled by the Cancer patients. They have countless concerns, anxiety, worries and fears about the future.

All these can shatter the Cancer patients into pieces. Thus, Mitta For Life Centre is an arena for them to reach out to, a place for them to relieve their doubts, agony or pain. We want to show them our compassion and loving-kindness and to help them as much as possible. We believe that an act of kindness dispels a thousand disasters.

The maintenance and operation of Mitta For Life Centre will be funded by donations and support from well-wishers. All donations shall be send directly to Mitta For Life Fund, c/o Mitta For Life Centre, No. 19, Solok Trengganu, 10460 Penang.
Donations can be made payable to “Pertubohan Mahindarama Buddhist” either by cash, crossed cheque, money order or bank draft. Fund-raising activities will also be organized and all proceeds received from the donations and fund-raising activities shall be channeled towards welfare support of deserving Cancer patients

1 Mitta for Life Centre will be managed by a dedicated team of volunteers comprising specialists, consultants, medical doctors, senior staff nurses, experienced counselors and volunteers from all walks of life to serve the community by helping Cancer patients to cope with their illness.

2 Mitta for Life Centre will maintain a holistic approach by caring, serving and counseling the Cancer patients and providing practical support to them and their loved ones to reduce their suffering in every way possible.

3 Mitta for Life Centre will ensure that professionalism and confidentiality are strictly maintained by all volunteers who are required to adhere to the Code of Ethics for Volunteers when serving the Cancer patients and their loved ones :

Colours of Mitta

1 Blue - signifying loving kindness and peace.
2 Yellow – signifying faith and hope.
3 Red - signifying achievement, wisdom, virtue and fortune.
4 White - signifying purity.5 Orange - signifying strength and dignity.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Reiki is not religious. Anyone can practice any religion and still use and benefit from Reiki. Reiki is founded by Mikao Usui.

Reiki is not massage or ref. Reiki is reflexology. Reiki is an energy healing system and not manipulative system. Reiki energy is the energy of love.

Reiki works to heal at the level of our energy to the root of any disease, imbalance or disharmony.

Energy fields emitted by the body is becoming more popular now with the advent of alternative medicine and New Age philosophies. Reiki is intelligent and heals what is needed even if you consciously don’t know what you need.

The recipient draws the right amount of energy to the place where it is needed.
Reiki does not harm any one, it always provides help in a safe and natural way.

Reiki helps healing a physical illness, emotion, spiritual development.

Relaxation is probably the primary reason that people try Reiki. After Reiki , we feel
calmer. Different people have different reaction from Reiki


Free Activities

Counseling - Every Saturday 2pm ~ 5pm

Reiki - Wednesday and Saturday 2pm ~ 5pm

Breast Examination - 1st and 2nd Saturday 2pm ~ 5pm

Massage - 3rd Saturday 2pm ~ 5pm

Home Visit - By appointment 2pm ~ 5pm

Taiji - Tuesday 7am ~9am /6.30pm ~8.30pm

Health Talk - Monthly 10am ~11am

Cancer Awareness Exhibition - Annually

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ All are Welcome ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mitta For life

As Mitta volunteers, we freely give our time, talents, and most of all our friendship to all who need a friend. We know that in order to overcome many of our troubles in life, none is more valuable that the help of mitta, a friend who would be by your side through thick and thin with loving kindness and compassion.
In line with our mission of providing free community services and activities to help cancer patients and their loved ones, we have indeed worked hard together throughout this year.