Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At a Glance - Angela's Farewell Party

Angela a dedicated mitta volunteer since year 2006
On Oct. 2nd. Mitta organised a Farewell Party for Angela, who will be migrating to Australia with her family. Angela's ever smiling face draws many friends, welcoming them with a glow of warmth and a touch of Reiki love. She is very sincere, and ever so willing to share dhamma with all her friends. When Mitta Wednesday Reiki session, started in November 2006, she was the first to volunteer to help on Wednesday.

Deep in dhamma and a sincere heart, in 2008, Angela lead a group of volunteers and friends to Bodhgaya, India. We are all very impressed with her enthusiastic, energetic effort to help all those she meet in her life.

Those who have worked with her, will definitely missed a cheerful friend and sister.
Wishing Angela and her family All the Very Best & Success - with prosperity, joy and happiness and health in Australia.

Activities at a glance - Food Fair

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