Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Activities at a Glance: Sarnath & B'gaya Nov - Dec 2009

Posted by PicasaOn 12th Nov. 2009, a few friends and I from Penang Mahindarama Buddhist Temple left for our first Novitiate Program in Sarnath. I wanted to go there to sow the seeds of enlightenment in the holy land. Rev. Mahinda, Sis Sumitra andSis Sumagala, made our stay very comfortable. Though the facilities available were not as modern as what we enjoy in Penang, but we appreciate every moment of it.We have to use a common bathroom and have to bath with sarong on. In the beginning, we were not used to wearing sarong and it often dropped down during shower.. ha...ha...ha....Though, the food was simple I enjoyed it as I were eating mindfully. Am very grateful to Rev. Mahinda, Sis Sumitra and Sis Sumangala. They guided me through their dharmma talks and discussions, and meditation. They have touched my heart with their words. We learn to respect, be humble, contented and grateful for the things in life.On 29th Nov we left for Bgaya to meet with my family and mitta volunteers. That night, at the shrine hall in Sri LankaTemple, we were shown the exhibits of Buddha, Mongalana and Sariputta's relic. These exhibits were only taken out once a year. All of us are very lucky and blessed to view these auspicious relics.Grateful to Rev. Seewali, for his planning, arrangements and guidance, we were taken to many places in Bgaya, - Nalanda University, 1st. sermon of the 500 monks, Dana to very poor villagers etc.. Rev. spent time giving us dhamma sharing on Suttas . On the day i left Bgaya, a few of my friends went to Sarnath and the rest visited schools and orphange, with Rev SeewaliWe kept 8 precepts on Dec 1st. (Chinese Lunar month 15th moon) sis Kusuma, shaved her hair on this auspicious date, in Bgaya. At night, 11 of us stayed overnight at the Maha Bodhi Temple. Some of my friends encounter very good experiences extremely strong energy...at Maha Bodhi Temple.Vassana, Nandini and myself left on 3rd Dec. to Bangkok. On 4th Dec, we meet another group of our Penang Dhamma friends and sister Suchari to pay a visit to Phra Boonyarith Pandito He is 96years old, and is full of compassion.From beginning, middle and end of this trip, we feel we are very blessed. Every point we land, we have a chance to do good and gain merits. Its is a very... very .... fruitful trip.I feel great joy in my heart when i am able to share and care for all my friends during my stay there. !! I share these accumulated merits with all seen and unseen beings. Sadhu..... Khanti