Monday, March 5, 2012

Additional Activities

Every First Saturday:

Breathing exercise - breathing from the stomach using the technique of Wellness Medical Qigong was shared with the volunteers and friends of Mitta. Breathing from the stomach, we take in 6 times more of oxygen compared to lung breathing. Stomach breathing has its many advantages for our personal health.

June demonstrated the Lazy Stretch exercise to the volunteers and friends. Its easy to practice, at no cost and at your flexible time.

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Recipe Sharing 3rd. March 2012

On 3rd March 2012, aunty cheng and friend, shared their recipe of health vegetarian sandwich. Its simple, easy to cook and delicious to eat.


Vegetarian Ham
Walnut (sliced)
Cabbage (cut in strips)
Carrot (sliced)
mayonaise with added lemon juice, sugar & salt to taste.
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