Sunday, December 26, 2010

Activities at a Glance - Sri Lanka Pilgrimage

Mitta for Life organized a pilgrimage trip to Sri Lanka lead by Chief Rev. Indaratana from 18th Dec to 24th Dec. 2010 From the beginning to the end of the trip, we enjoyed the trip, caring and sharing with each other like a big family holiday. We visited Negombo, Anuradhapura, - the ancient capital of Sri Lanka from 5th Century B.C. to 10th Century A.D. Anuradhapura, is the World Heritage site, Sigiriya, Dambulla Cave Temple, and many more interesting places.
On the 2nd last day of our trip , we participated in Maha Sanghikadana and Gangaramaya, Kalaniya and had the opportunity to lay the foundation brick for Hospital - Amata hospital for the Sangha. It was a wonderful, fruitful experience and a very blessed trip.
We like to thank Chief Rev for his time, planning, guidance and blessing making this trip a memorial one to all of us. Sadhu...Sadhu....Sadhu.......

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At a Glance - Sing A-long in Pure Lotus

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9th November 2010 Tuesday morning, as usual a group of Mitta volunteers go to Pure Lotus Hospice for community service. Today is a Sing a-long session in Pure Lotus Hospice joined by Mano, Beng, Helen, Mrs. Neoh, Yoke Kam, Johny Chee, Angela, Bernice, Tan CK,Lau Beng Chye, Liliann.

A number of songs by Johny Chee with his Nyonya Baba lyrics, guitar strumming by Mano, with Helen dancing and voices of volunteers brought much cheers and joy to the inmates in Pure Lotus. Some inmates and nurses joined in the singing - Jambalaya, Country Road, Tian Mi Mi, Yeah Lian Tai Piow Wor Ter Sin, Clementine, Rasa Sayang etc..

Angela distributed gifts to the patients. Liliann bought nyona kueh, cooked soup, and make herbal jelly for the patients. Mrs. Neoh distributed some candies to them.

They were so touched by our compassionate, sincere actions that one of the inmates cried with joy. She said today is her happiest day!

Last week, one of the patient asked for a blouse (sleeveless, collar-less blouse) Big sadhu to Mitta patchwork volunteers, within a week, they sewed a new blouse for the patient. It was presented to her. Upon receiving the blouse, she was touched by the gift and tears filled her eyes.

Thanks to all volunteers, who have directly or indirectly brought happiness and love to the inmates of Pure Lotus Hospice. Big Sadhu to all of you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At a Glance - Angela's Farewell Party

Angela a dedicated mitta volunteer since year 2006
On Oct. 2nd. Mitta organised a Farewell Party for Angela, who will be migrating to Australia with her family. Angela's ever smiling face draws many friends, welcoming them with a glow of warmth and a touch of Reiki love. She is very sincere, and ever so willing to share dhamma with all her friends. When Mitta Wednesday Reiki session, started in November 2006, she was the first to volunteer to help on Wednesday.

Deep in dhamma and a sincere heart, in 2008, Angela lead a group of volunteers and friends to Bodhgaya, India. We are all very impressed with her enthusiastic, energetic effort to help all those she meet in her life.

Those who have worked with her, will definitely missed a cheerful friend and sister.
Wishing Angela and her family All the Very Best & Success - with prosperity, joy and happiness and health in Australia.

Activities at a glance - Food Fair

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Activities at a Glance - Stress Management

Posted by PicasaProf Dr. See Ching Mei gave an interesting & lively talk at Mahindarama Buddhist Temple, on 15th August. 2010. The audience were attentive to her talk from beginning till the end of the session. Streams of people strolled into the hall when the talk started. Dr. See demonstrated and guided the listeners in breathing and visualization relaxation to calm the mind. When the talk ended, groups of people approached her for further advise and counselling. Many requested Mitta to arrange for her future talks again.

Food Fair at Little Sisters of the Poor

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pure Lotus Food Fair

On 20th June, Mitta participated in the Food Fair to raise funds for Pure Lotus
Our mitta volunteers woke up early in the morning to cook the food with love and happiness.

Response from the food fair was very encouraging. We started selling at 8.30am. By
11.30 am, most of the food items from our stall have sold out. There was a large crowd and customers who came back to buy more of the nasi lemak and jelly. A string of customers waited in line for pan cakes. By 12.30am, all items were sold out.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

13th.June Health Talk - Urinary Incontinence

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Relay for Life on 5th & 6th June 2010

On 5th June, evening, a group of mitta volunteers & friends participated in Relay for Life
In the late evening, many lit candles in rememberance of our friends, and giving hope & support to cancer survivors. Male volunteers camp through the night. It was raining and was a cool wet night.
The next morning another shift of volunteers took over. All of us enjoyed the morning exercise, walking on the field, chatting and lauging away.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feed back from Pure Lotus Hospice

Mdm Yeo Gek Lin was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and was hospitalized in Penang General Hospital.

Her cancer spread to her right leg. She finds difficulty in her movement. Doctor advised to amputate her leg. On 26th April 2007, the operation took place.

One year late, in 2008, her cancer again spread to her right arm. There is a prominent lump on her arm. It was solid hard like a golf ball.
Rev of Pure Lotus, on her frequent visit to General Hospital saw Mdm Yeo. Upon hearing the Dr. wants to amputate Mdm Yeo’s right hand again, Rev approached the Doctor in charge to discharge Mdm Yeo to Pure Lotus Hospital so that Mdm Yeo can be cared there.

Although, there is a lump on her right arm, but Mdm Yeo is very positive about her condition. She remained cheerful and likes to talk and joke with people. The minute we walked in to Pure Lotus, her grin and smile is there to welcome Mitta volunteers. She and other patients of Pure Lotus; is always happy to see us and waited for us every Tuesday.

While doing Reiki; the volunteers talked to the residents. Mitta volunteer Mrs. Neoh sings "Hock Kien" songs to cheer up the inmates. Angela as always loved by many, joined in the laughters & jokes without having to use loud speaker; Angela brightens up the place with her ever-smiling face and sharp voice.

Volunteers on duty send Loving Kindness and Reiki the residents every Tuesday morning from 10am to 12 noon. We noticed from their faces that the residents of Pure Lotus Hospice look forward to our weekly Tuesday visit. The love and compassion shown by Mitta volunteers send out a message that Mitta cares for them.

Lately, I noticed that the lump on Mdm. Yeo’s hand is much softer and has shrunk in size!!! Reconfirmed this with Mitta volunteers there, YES, they too noticed it.

Mitta volunteers, all of you have done a great job. Sadhu…to you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Visiting Sri Cahaya Orphanage

On 1st. May 2010, Dr. Jeya and family lead a group of Mitta Volunteers to Sri Cahaya Orphanage.

Food items - rice, biscuits, cooking oil, milk powder, noodles, sugar, slippers etc. were donated to Sri Cahaya.

30pieces of grocery bags specially sewn by Mitta Patchwork section, were also given to the orphans. The children were very happy to receive Lolly pops from the volunteers

Sister Kali briefed us about Sri Cahaya's future plan for expansion- a new double storey building to cater for more orphans and old folks.

Mitta volunteers enjoyed the fried vegetarian rice, tossai and curry. The cooks had cooked it with so much love , and i find the food very delicious. I had not tasted such a delicious curry before.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Activities at A Glance- SBS Retreat

Posted by PicasaFrom 16th to 18th April, a group of Mitta Vols and Family friends, went to Sasanaraka in Taiping for a 3 days retreat. It is a first time retreat for many participants. Happily attending this retreat, without knowing what to expect, thinking that it is the usual retreat, sitting with our back erect and going into samadhi. After the first day, many were surprised at the method shared by Bhante Kumara. The method is very pratical and we can apply it at anytime of day and night.
On the second day, we were allocated in smaller groups and Bhante conducted a private interview with us. Working from morning till late evening, Bhante listened and guided us how to solve our Worldly problems. Bhante put so much of his time guiding & leading us - How to End our Sufferings. Sadhu.....Bhante.
During our free time, we strolled and explored the green scenery. The place is so peaceful and quiet. We enjoyed the serene sitting under the shaded roofs.
Brother Lau demonstrated his 18 steps Taiji and many participants joined in the exercise. Mitta volunteers did Reiki on those who were tired with body aches.
"Where ever Mitta go, Reiki flows"
Sasanarakha volunteers were very helpful and see to our needs. Meals were well taken care of and they showed so much hospitality.
On the 3rd. day, equipped with what Bhante has shared with us, we have to go back to our Real World. Though the retreat was a short retreat, all of us had a happy time there, and enjoyed our stay.
Energized with Bhante's dhamma, we are very motivated and will persevere to end our sufferings.
A new category under knowledge sharing called "Ending Suffering" has been created. Anyone can blog in to share their sufferings - personal conflicts etc...
Those who had successfully over come their sufferings, we welcome you to write in, so that others too can learn from it, and solve their problem.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ending Sufferings

We learned the dhamma from Bhante Kumara, how to End Sufferings, during our 3 days retreat in Sasanarakha, Taiping.

In our daily lives, living in real World, we often get agitated without realising it.
Bhante shared with us, how to deal with it.
  • Be Aware
  • Accept whatever has risen,
  • Aware of feelings, look into our body sensations
  • Just Looking without Reacting.
  • Be calm and investigate the causes of the "unwelcome visitors"

When we meditate, we have to be natural and dont force. We will be wiser in time to come.

Bhante Kumara, gave a simili:- "A pool of Water."

Beneath the pool of water is thick mud. When the pool is stirred, the mud floats up and make the water muddy. If the water is muddy, seeing with clarity is impossible. To end our suffering we have to see and understand the causes, like looking at the base of the water.

When we are angry, we have chatterings in our mind. These chatterings are being manifested in our thoughts. The more we manifest, the stirring goes on, as such, we cannot see the causes.

The night i returned from the retreat, i was full of energy and couln't sleep. I mediated while my husband took a short rest. When he woke up, i was still sitting quietly. Without knowing that i was meditating, he asked me a few questions. At first, i anwered him, as he asked more and more, i got agitated and my tone was not so pleasing.

Immediately, my son asked me "Mom why are you forcing yourself to meditate? Bhante taught us to be Aware of our surroundings" Reflecting on it, my son is right. Just be Aware and don't force into meditation. We can learn from anyone regardless of age and gender. So let us share and learn from each other.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reiki at Pure Lotus Hospice

One of Mitta’s project for 2010 is weekly visit to Pure Lotus
on every Tuesday from 10am ~ 12 noon.

On our first trip there, some patients were skeptical about what
Reiki is. This is the first time they heard of “Reiki” They didn’t
know nor understand how Reiki energy could help them, by just touching them.

On the second week, the patients were looking forward to our visit.
They waited for us in the garden. They feel happy and cheerful to receive Reiki.
Some can feel the effectiveness of Reiki. One patient could not lift up her hand,
but after receiving Reiki she could raise her hand.

Some mentioned that if they were to receive Reiki before their chemo treatment,
they would have less side effect. Receiving Reiki after chemo, also help them to be stronger;
and able to cope better.

Their smiles on the faces made each and every volunteer who went there
satisfied and happy that our service is appreciated.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Activities - Little Sisters of the Poor

One of Mitta Planned Activities for 2010 is a weekly visit to Little Sisters of the Poor.

On 6th March 2010 (Sat) a group of Mitta volunteers went to the Home from 9.30am
to12 Noon to give Reiki to the old folks in
Little Sisters of the Poor.

Yesterday, 13th March, we went to Home again to give Reiki to the old folk. Upon checking with the residents, some folks are very optimistic about the Reiki healing.

A lady informed me 2 weeks ago, she had knee pain. After the first reiki session the pain seemed to have vanished. Yesterday she came to receive more healing. Brought new friend with her.

A good number mentioned that after they received Reiki, somehow, their aches and pain have reduced. A few mentioned that they felt less tired after reiki.

The residents kept asking us if we are coming again next week.

Sharing and caring - The joy of making others happy makes us even happier.