Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recipe "Basil Leaves Fried Rice"

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Basil Leaf Rice

Overnight cooked rice
Minced meat
Garlic & shallots (pounded)
Tau Cheou
Chillie (sliced)
Basil Leaves
Dark Soy sauce


1.    Marinate minced meat with soy sauce, corn flour & pepper for about 30mins.
2.    Saute shallots and garlic in oil
3.    Add in Tau Cheou, stir fry till fragrant
4.    Add in pepper, minced meat – stir well
5.    Add in dark soy sauce
6.    Add in rice and basil leaves
7.    Mix well, stir till fragrant
8.    Ready to serve.

Recipe "Tub Tim Krob"

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Tub Tim Krop (dessert)

Water chestnut (cut into small cubes)
For colouring :
a)    Half portion add in daun pandan juice
b)    Half portion add in beetroot juice
Nanka (jack fruit)


1.    Prepare the above cut water chesnut.
2.    Drained the juice from water chestnut, sprinkle tapioca starch (ubi kayu powder) on the water chestnut to coat it.
3.    Boil water with daun pandan
4.    When boiling, add in the water chestnut (batch by batch)
5.    When floated, scoop up and dip in cold water
6.    Scoop up the water chestnut and place them in a bowl with syrup water immediately to prevent them from sticking together.
7.    Serve chilled, add ice cubes, with coconut juice (santan)


Recipe "Asam Pedas"

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1 cup shallots peeled and grinded
3-4 stalks lemon grass grinded
1 cup big onion chopped into small pcs
1 package turmeric powder
RM1.50 rempah - chili paste
1 palm size tamerine to make tamerine juice
1 and half thumb size belacan
2 stalks bungah kantang
2-3 stalks bungah kalsom (chien hong)
4 pcs of asam keeping
2 fruits pineapple
fish - yellow tails or big eye fish
Pour all the above ingredients into a saucepan except for the fish to boil, dilute the tamerine juice with more water and pour into the saucepan.
Occasionally stir the ingredients and allow it to boil, when it comes to a rolling boil, reduce heat and allow to simmer.
Slide fish into the soup, when fish is cooked, remove heat and ready to serve with rice. You may add salt or sugar to your dires taste. t
Prepare  -: bihun, pineapple, onion, cucumber, bunga kantan, mint leaves (poh hoe) and fresh chili
Asam Pedas soup can also be serve with above bihun and vegetables. A replacement of Laksa.


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Nam Prik (thai’s sambal)

Chilli padi (use normal chillies – less spicy)
Gula melaka
Belachan (toast and pound)
Lime (big) 


1.    De-seed chilli padi /chilli & pound
2.    Add garlic and pound together
3.    Add in belachan
4.    All ingredients to be finely pounded.
5.    Add in gula Melaka
6.    Squeeze in lime juice

Tips: can add in “Thai” small egg plant to make the paste more “lemak”
        Remove the seeds of the egg plant, before pounding.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

15th Sept Health Talk "STROKE" by Dr.Ravi

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Please email to for downloads
Title: STROKE (15th Sept 2013)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

15th Sept 2013 Health Talk

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Title:      STROKE
Speaker: Dr. Raveendran Katheerayson  (Consultant Neurosurgeon)
Date:   15th Sept (Sun) 
Time:   10am to 11am 
Venue:  Mahindarama Buddhist Temple (Lecture Hall)