Sunday, April 25, 2010

Activities at A Glance- SBS Retreat

Posted by PicasaFrom 16th to 18th April, a group of Mitta Vols and Family friends, went to Sasanaraka in Taiping for a 3 days retreat. It is a first time retreat for many participants. Happily attending this retreat, without knowing what to expect, thinking that it is the usual retreat, sitting with our back erect and going into samadhi. After the first day, many were surprised at the method shared by Bhante Kumara. The method is very pratical and we can apply it at anytime of day and night.
On the second day, we were allocated in smaller groups and Bhante conducted a private interview with us. Working from morning till late evening, Bhante listened and guided us how to solve our Worldly problems. Bhante put so much of his time guiding & leading us - How to End our Sufferings. Sadhu.....Bhante.
During our free time, we strolled and explored the green scenery. The place is so peaceful and quiet. We enjoyed the serene sitting under the shaded roofs.
Brother Lau demonstrated his 18 steps Taiji and many participants joined in the exercise. Mitta volunteers did Reiki on those who were tired with body aches.
"Where ever Mitta go, Reiki flows"
Sasanarakha volunteers were very helpful and see to our needs. Meals were well taken care of and they showed so much hospitality.
On the 3rd. day, equipped with what Bhante has shared with us, we have to go back to our Real World. Though the retreat was a short retreat, all of us had a happy time there, and enjoyed our stay.
Energized with Bhante's dhamma, we are very motivated and will persevere to end our sufferings.
A new category under knowledge sharing called "Ending Suffering" has been created. Anyone can blog in to share their sufferings - personal conflicts etc...
Those who had successfully over come their sufferings, we welcome you to write in, so that others too can learn from it, and solve their problem.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ending Sufferings

We learned the dhamma from Bhante Kumara, how to End Sufferings, during our 3 days retreat in Sasanarakha, Taiping.

In our daily lives, living in real World, we often get agitated without realising it.
Bhante shared with us, how to deal with it.
  • Be Aware
  • Accept whatever has risen,
  • Aware of feelings, look into our body sensations
  • Just Looking without Reacting.
  • Be calm and investigate the causes of the "unwelcome visitors"

When we meditate, we have to be natural and dont force. We will be wiser in time to come.

Bhante Kumara, gave a simili:- "A pool of Water."

Beneath the pool of water is thick mud. When the pool is stirred, the mud floats up and make the water muddy. If the water is muddy, seeing with clarity is impossible. To end our suffering we have to see and understand the causes, like looking at the base of the water.

When we are angry, we have chatterings in our mind. These chatterings are being manifested in our thoughts. The more we manifest, the stirring goes on, as such, we cannot see the causes.

The night i returned from the retreat, i was full of energy and couln't sleep. I mediated while my husband took a short rest. When he woke up, i was still sitting quietly. Without knowing that i was meditating, he asked me a few questions. At first, i anwered him, as he asked more and more, i got agitated and my tone was not so pleasing.

Immediately, my son asked me "Mom why are you forcing yourself to meditate? Bhante taught us to be Aware of our surroundings" Reflecting on it, my son is right. Just be Aware and don't force into meditation. We can learn from anyone regardless of age and gender. So let us share and learn from each other.