Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reiki at Pure Lotus Hospice

One of Mitta’s project for 2010 is weekly visit to Pure Lotus
on every Tuesday from 10am ~ 12 noon.

On our first trip there, some patients were skeptical about what
Reiki is. This is the first time they heard of “Reiki” They didn’t
know nor understand how Reiki energy could help them, by just touching them.

On the second week, the patients were looking forward to our visit.
They waited for us in the garden. They feel happy and cheerful to receive Reiki.
Some can feel the effectiveness of Reiki. One patient could not lift up her hand,
but after receiving Reiki she could raise her hand.

Some mentioned that if they were to receive Reiki before their chemo treatment,
they would have less side effect. Receiving Reiki after chemo, also help them to be stronger;
and able to cope better.

Their smiles on the faces made each and every volunteer who went there
satisfied and happy that our service is appreciated.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Activities - Little Sisters of the Poor

One of Mitta Planned Activities for 2010 is a weekly visit to Little Sisters of the Poor.

On 6th March 2010 (Sat) a group of Mitta volunteers went to the Home from 9.30am
to12 Noon to give Reiki to the old folks in
Little Sisters of the Poor.

Yesterday, 13th March, we went to Home again to give Reiki to the old folk. Upon checking with the residents, some folks are very optimistic about the Reiki healing.

A lady informed me 2 weeks ago, she had knee pain. After the first reiki session the pain seemed to have vanished. Yesterday she came to receive more healing. Brought new friend with her.

A good number mentioned that after they received Reiki, somehow, their aches and pain have reduced. A few mentioned that they felt less tired after reiki.

The residents kept asking us if we are coming again next week.

Sharing and caring - The joy of making others happy makes us even happier.


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