Saturday, December 29, 2018

Jan 2019 : Aging Gracefully

FREE Health Talk 
AGING GRACEFULLY with a beautiful skin
Dr. Lee Kim Siea (Consultant Plastic Surgeon)
6th January 2019 (Sun)
Mahindarama Buddhist Temple

Monday, December 10, 2018

Sharing on Cancer by a volunteer from Auckland

Sister Ang Bee Ai shared her experience on How to deal with Cancer 
She worked with Auckland district Health Board - during these period
she worked with acute Cancer patients and many recovered from their sickness

Food Fair at Moral Uplifting Society

Raising funds for 10 Organisations in Moral Uplifting Society Food fair
Collected RM 5317.00

Meatless Day Food Fair

Meatless Day Foodfair at Esplanade on 2nd Dec 2018
Collected RM 4646.00

REIKI Talk by Reiki Master Dr. Jeyashree

    Reiki talk : Changing the way of Life by Reiki Master Dr. Jeya        
 captured the attentiveness of the audience . A number of the             
audience interested to learn Reiki signed up on the spot